Moirae and Transcendental Idealism

31 Mar

My article on my book, Moirae

Academy of the Heart And Mind

Moirae and transcendental idealism: How can dreams be categorised as transcendental idealism? An essay on my book Moirae, based on Kant’s doctrine of transcendental idealism vs transcendental realism.

By Mehreen Ahmed

This paper focuses on my published book, Moirae. In this, I discuss dreams in the light of Kant’s doctrine of transcendental idealism. From the outset, it should be noted that Kant’s doctrine of transcendental idealism means how an object “appears” in internal thoughts and the subsequent projection or representation of it. The representation is opposed to the objects’ “microscopic” image or what it actually is: “as is”. Kant exemplifies this with a phenomena taken from nature, e.g., the rainbow.

To make this complex doctrine more understandable, he distinguishes between transcendental realism and transcendental idealism. For instance,“the empirical “rainbow in itself” is a collection of water droplets with particular sizes and shapes and spatial relations, while the empirical “rainbow appearance”…

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Pink Toenails

6 Mar

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Mehreen Ahmed

Then the mountains spoke. Voiced it in chorus, on the ancient land of Turag. A world where trees walked, winds cried, rivers sang and the mountains talked. This place, not for humans to reside anymore, but for natural lives and artificial intelligence. Turag, yes, this place, because humans have long been obliterated, like dinosaurs before them. Since then robots have replaced them. The organic world even as we speak, ceased to exist, as autumnal dirge swept through the pine forests of dead wood.

They all witnessed it, the sky, the oceans and the mountains. But their voices couldn’t be heard. In the days of humans, everyone thought they were mute, who neither heard, nor spoke. But humans were wrong. They communicated and witnessed every human history. Humans didn’t see that they saw. Just as well, they saw the end of world. They saw it all coming. There…

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A Blinding Light

14 Feb

Academy of the Heart And Mind

By Mehreen Ahmed

Just when Lizzy Crimson was leaving the art exhibition, a black and white picture hanging on the far side of a wall caught her attention. It was unbelievably mesmerising, and surrealistic. It looked like a downing of the sun at night. But the bright light that it emanated were white and diffused. The black patches were like ash clouds. Strands of tree branches swayed across the portrait.

Lizzy was drawn like magnet to iron ore. She hadn’t seen anything like it. She stood before it, and gazed. Seconds, and minutes passed, she couldn’t figure out. Then an odd hour passed, still she didn’t know what she was looking at? At a glimpse, the image didn’t make much sense. It looked like the clouds of night. The round sun going down. But this could not be because there wouldn’t be sun at night. Could the round ball be…

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Mehreen Ahmed

8 Feb

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Sonorous Wave – Mehreen Ahmed

22 Dec

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Short Story: The Pizzazz

14 Dec


By Mehreen Ahmed

Blood oranges were endowed with a certain pigmentation. I called it the fruit’s pizzazz, because of its lustre, which defined it and gave it the distinctive characteristics of dark flesh. I wanted it to grow in mother’s orchard. But the gardener said it wouldn’t grow here, because the climate wouldn’t allow it. If the blood orange didn’t flourish in this soil, then neither did many things in this culture. All these nefarious old customs and habits that had become fossilised, resisting change, inhibiting growth.

One afternoon, I sat in the balcony of mother’s house. A brilliant midday sun shone yet another monsoon day. I took a sip of lemonade my mother made with the orchard’s freshly squeezed lemons. Lemons, which grew in our orchard. I was recovering at her place, from an illness. Lemons and limes were not the only citrus that grew in this orchard, oranges too…

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Thin Wall – Mehreen Ahmed

6 Dec

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