Indie Book Review: Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed

9 Feb

Matt Doyle Media Dot Com

Moirae was an interesting read for me, thanks in part to the stream of consciousness style in which it is written. What this means is that the book runs in a ‘free flow’ with little in the way of punctuation and a focus instead of letting the story run its course in a natural way. While it can be said that this style of writing is divisive amongst readers, one thing that you often hear is that it will put you straight into the character’s heads, perhaps even more so than conventional styles. While how much this rings true will vary from person to person, I really do recommend that you give it a try. Once you find a natural rhythm, you’ll breeze through the book with relative ease.

Now, the story itself will take you to some uncomfortable places. While set on the fictional world of ‘Lost Winds’, the…

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