…Authoress Mehreen Ahmed… a multi-genre scribbler…

10 Feb

Seumas Gallacher

…a wee while ago, I read and reviewed SNAPSHOTS, a fascinating travelogue account from Authoress, Mehreen Ahmed… but now I discover she has more than one string to her literary bow… here’s a sample of her short story writing skill …enjoy…


Nervous Nelly by Mehreen Ahmed

After being adopted from the orphanage, Rose was growing up in the Carpenter household. Her mother Lydia, however, noticed a few unusual dispositions about her. One of them was panic. Rose jumped nearly at everything she saw or heard, be it small or big. Once picking eggs from the barn, an egg had accidentally dropped from her hand. Paralysed with fear, she cried for days and didn’t tell anyone. Lydia found out later, when she bribed her one afternoon buying an ice-cream cone for her.

“Why are you sad?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Tell me, talk to me.”

After a…

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