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Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed

27 Mar


5/5 Tony McMahon, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University

Mehreen Ahmed is a wildly interesting writer. Moirae is not the first book from the Queensland scribe that I’ve read, but it is undoubtedly the best, most mature work. This is a nebulous yet – paradoxically perhaps – razor sharp text that speaks to the reader on a number of intellectual levels. Ahmed somehow manages to blend stream of consciousness type prose with a sure knack for story telling, and the results are no less than delightful. If you think about it, this kind of mixture is one that few writers have the ability – or the audacity – to attempt. Joyce is one exception that springs to mind, but he is probably an exception that only proves the rule. Jack Kerouac maybe. Either way, with this work, it is obvious that Ahmed joins a very select group indeed. Thoroughly recommended for both its technical beauty and, not inconsiderably, its bravery.

Dianne rated 5/5 it was amazing

Shelves: dystopian, author-review, dark-fantasy
Looking for that very different type of read, one that pulls you directly into the hearts and minds of its characters? Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed is nothing like anything I have ever read before.

In the fantasy world created by this author, a government claiming to be totally democratic in its policies proves anything but as we follow a young girl whose only hope of fleeing the stigma of poverty and persecution is to become one of the fortunate few who find a new life in a land of plenty, far away. Her family has lived under the “shame” of a well-meaning brother who has fled to save his life for a debt he incurred. Worse, he has taken to another religion, worshiping the same god, but differently. As he matures and comes into his own, we follow his life, his understanding of his place in a world whose true face is hidden behind a dark mask. We are invited to see, feel and hear each thought as if they were our own as Ms. Ahmed chooses to add another layer of reality by streaming these thoughts across the page. Think about it, are your thoughts clear, concise and written out like a report in your head or are they a constant flow that follows different paths at any given time?

A fascinating tale of humanity, hardship, betrayal and fear are woven much like a continuing honeycomb pattern the knitter is compelled to keep adding on to. Enjoyable as great reading or a search for symbolism in the author’s words.

I received this copy from Mehreen Ahmed in exchange for my honest review.

Publication Date: December 31, 2014
Publisher: PostScript Editions
Genre: Dystopian | Fiction
Print Length: 109 pages
Available from: Amazon
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David Tanager

Oct 11, 2015 David Tanager rated it 5/5 it was amazing
This is not my first time reading a novel written in the stream of consciousness style and I have to state that Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed is leaps and bounds above others. The prose is delicate at times, poetic in others, then wildly aggressive and chaotic, yet in outstanding fashion the book flows together so smoothly, at times I had to remind myself of the technique employed in writing because everything just meshed so well together – which is quite a feat considering!

Moirae is everything you want from a good book, it takes you to into a fantasy setting, yet the world in the novel is built upon foundations of reality which pair the genres of fantasy and literary, which in my opinion is quite hard to do well, yet Mehreen succeeds splendidly. While one could attempt to draw comparisons to certain aspects of the current state of the world, I think this would be incorrect as the human condition and struggle of life that is so well described in the novel are universal and more importantly they are believable in the Lost Winds.

This is an outstanding book, and would fit ones tastes in fantasy, poetry, and literary fiction. Mehreen is a master of allegory and metaphor and a fine writer!