The Pacifist

10 May

Just Reviews

Title:  The Pacifist

Author:  Mehreen Ahmed

Malcolm Baxter is what some claim to be a benefactor who draws people into giving charity to support the Badgerys Creek Orphanage. But, if these walls could speak and the victims that have been placed there could explain the screams, wails and fear that was instilled in them and if the authorities did not look the other way things might have been better for the poor children placed in this abusive setting. Money was at the root of those running the orphanage and no one bothered to look into the care of the innocent children or where the money was going. Malcolm Baxter was hosting a fundraiser for the orphanage but in the back of his mind he was remembering his own past, jealousies and fears. Malcolm is self-absorbed, lacks self-esteem and needs to be revered and honored. Malcolm with the help of Henna…

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