Internationally acclaimed author, Mehreen Ahmed is the winner of The Drunken Druid Editors’ Choice, June 2018, for The Pacifist. The Pacifist was selected, as number one, because it met the” highest standard” in “plot”, “presentation” and “impact”. Her books have also been nominated for other prestigious awards such as Aurealis Award for Fantasy Short Story/Novella (2015), Ditmar Award for Best Novels (2016), and The New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award for Christina Stead Prize for Fiction, (2018).

She has published flash fiction, short stories, novels, historical travelogue, academic reviews/article, journalistic write-ups, and nonfiction essays. She has published with Routledge: Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Journals Language Teaching, (see Cambridge Core), Language Learning and Technology, Call-EJ, Straylight Literary Magazine: University of Wisconsin-Parkland, English Department (the magazine currently offline), Storyland Literary Review, Spillwords Press: Where words matter, Wordcurd, CafeLit Magazine, Story Institute, USA, Cosmic Teapot Publishing, Canada, The Sheaf: Campus newspaper for the University of Saskachewan, The Punch Magazine, 2018, Clarendon House Publications, 2018, Connotation Press, September, 2018 fiction issue.

Two of her short stories, The Anomalous Duo have been translated in German (translation:Frank Joussen),Familie (er)zählt: Selection of stories completed; Sammlung abgeschlossen, (In press) and The Black Coat, in Greek:ΤΟ ΜΑΥΡΟ ΠΑΛΤΟ (translation:Meleva Anastasiadou), published in Nyctophilia.gr.

She has an MA in English Literature, Dhaka University and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. She has been profiled on AustLit.

She was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but lives in Australia.


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